Age-proof your hair. As part of Milbon’s age-defying line, this amazing restorative shampoo and conditioner repairs and rejuvenates for supreme shine, smoothness, softness, and strength. By infusing each strand with protein, it gives greater resilience and a youthful glow that increases with every wash.


The Nanoamino Treatment System is based on the latest hair science technology. An ultimate hair treatment system that mainly sticks to the [The CMC Care]. The NANO CMC penetrate and remain to the deep inside of hair. It makes possible to repair and protect hair from the inside.


Arimino Spice Volume Up is a mist for hair control and it’s ideally for fine and normal hair.
Arimino Shower offering the simple styling hair care with a soft and light finish.
Arimino Spice Sisters Styling Freeze Wax has super styling power with a combination of 7 fruit extracts.
Arimino Spice Sisters Hard Wax is ideal for dramatic styles requiring superior holding strength.